Week #8: 12/16/2014 @ 21:00
Inter 3 - 7 Lion D'Or
Week #8: 12/16/2014 @ 21:00
Superstars 7 - 3 Mass
Week #8: 12/16/2014 @ 22:00
FC Eastenders 3 - 7 St-Leonard
Double header for PALS United this sunday.

NO games on dec 28 2014
PAS de match le 28 Decembre 2014.
games resume Jan 4 2015
parties recommence le 4 Jan 2015

Note to all captains and players:

Team pictures will be taken of those teams who were not available last week.

All Balances and suspension fines for all teams need to be paid by week 8.

It's important that all captains print the player registration forms and they need to be filled out by every player in the team and submit it.

It is the captain's and player's responsibility to give their presence to the QRSL delegate before entering the field at all times.

Want to advertise on QRSL website? Call for more info.. slots available.

For Questions please contact the QRSL Administration.

  12/21/2014 @ 16:00 Field: 1  
  Pink Panthers VS Happy Feet  
  12/21/2014 @ 16:00 Field: 2  
  Road Runners VS Tazmanian Devils  
  12/21/2014 @ 17:00 Field: 1  
  Prestige Worldwide VS Toiture Expert  
  12/21/2014 @ 17:00 Field: 2  
  FC Ultras VS Bar J.O.  
  12/21/2014 @ 18:00 Field: 1  
  Acklands-Grainger VS Canadian Tire  
  12/21/2014 @ 18:00 Field: 2  
  Energie Cardio VS JP Metal  
  12/21/2014 @ 18:00 Field: 3  
  Saputo Rangers VS Pals United FC  
  12/21/2014 @ 19:00 Field: 1  
  Les Kebecois VS FC Galaxy  
  12/21/2014 @ 19:00 Field: 2  
  AL-Risalah VS FC Universal  
  12/21/2014 @ 19:00 Field: 3  
  FC Bleuets VS Montreality Kings  
  12/21/2014 @ 20:00 Field: 1  
  AC Milan-B VS Pals United FC  
  12/21/2014 @ 20:00 Field: 2  
  F.C. Elite VS Boca Grande  
  12/21/2014 @ 20:00 Field: 3  
  FC Tilters VS Cafe Riviera  
  12/21/2014 @ 21:00 Field: 1  
  JS Kabylie VS SS Lazio  
  12/21/2014 @ 21:00 Field: 2  
  FC Internazionale VS UF TD  
  12/21/2014 @ 21:00 Field: 3  
  Those Guys VS AC-Milan-A  
  12/21/2014 @ 22:00 Field: 1  
  Partisan de Montreal VS C.D. FAS  
  12/21/2014 @ 22:00 Field: 2  
  Goodfellas VS Gunners  
With so many ``dark horses``, who knows who will win next!
What an intense match up! ACKLANDS-GRAINGER are definitely a dark horse this season as they pull off another huge win over league leaders JP METAL by a massive score of 8-7. Acklands now sit in third with a game at hand proving they have the potential to upset our expectations! They can applaud Anthony Racanelli and Pachuco Dorsonne for exceptional performances and for teaching JP Metal that there is no easy win against mighty Acklands! In other news, TOITURE EXPERT got t... [READ MORE]
20 goals in just one game!!!
Despite the snow and the freezing temperature outside, the race for the top is heating up! LES KEBECOIS picked up another solid win against PALS UNITED FC who started out the season very strong, but have lost a bit of that consistency lately. Nonetheless, honourable mentions must be made to striker Bruno Poirier and playmaker Eddy Silva for tallying 4 and 5 points respectively. This is an important feat for Les Kebecois, bringing them within one point`s reach of A... [READ MORE]
The unstoppable Idir Rejradj!
To no one`s surprise, AC MILAN-A win again versus FC ELITE and put increasingly more pressure on FC BLEUETS as the red devils still have a game at hand. Idir Rejradj has been super consistent this season and leads the league in goals (14 to be exact in merely 5 games), but ironically got ejected this week. Meanwhile, FC Bleuets continued their inspired form with a close game against FC TILTERS. The Tilters were extremely... [READ MORE]
What is going on with MASS? Second loss in a row!!!!
FC Lion D`Or VS FC Inter:
In a game where two teams are going in opposite directions, FC Lion D`Or won their game 7 to 3 over FC Inter. This was a close game until the second half, after that FC Lion D`Or just went on overdrive and took control of the game. FC Lion D`Or is a well balanced team overall. If they could generate offence like tonight they will be a dangerous team to play against. As for FC Inter, they will have to start waking up and get this team on the right track as th... [READ MORE]
The Road Runners like tied games!
Road Runners VS Pink Panthers : Definitely this division gets stronger and stronger. These two teams battled it out to another 1 to 1 tie. The action in this game was amazing back and forth through the entire game. Both teams did not give the other team an inch. Both team left everything on the battle field as they both wanted to get a win tonight. I have to say that the level is rising every week. Road Runners could have put the game away and come up with their first win of the year as ... [READ MORE]