Week #13: 01/27/2015 @ 21:00
Inter 2 - 9 Lion D'Or
Week #13: 01/27/2015 @ 21:00
Superstars 4 - 8 Mass
Week #13: 01/27/2015 @ 22:00
FC Eastenders 10 - 4 St-Leonard
Week #13: 01/27/2015 @ 22:00
Superstars 5 - 3 Inter
Week #13: 01/30/2015 @ 21:00
Road Runners 0 - 2 Pink Panthers
Week #13: 01/30/2015 @ 21:00
Tazmanian Devils 2 - 0 Happy Feet

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Le 1er FEVRIER 2015 LA CAFETERIA (BISTRO) DU Centre sportif et culturel du College St-Jean-Vianney sera ouverte pour les joueurs de la ligue QRSL.CA.
VENEZ EN GRAND NOMBRE VOIR LA PARTIE ULTIME SUR L`ECRAN GEANT ET PRENDRE UN VERRE OU MANGER QUELQUE CHOSE, LE PERSONNEL DU BISTRO SE FERA UN PLAISIR DE VOUS SERVIR. Passe le mot a tout le monde. Si vous avez des questions ou des commandes speciales svp contacte Gennaro V. 514-269-4606

On February 1, 2015 THE CAFETERIA (BISTRO) IN THE Sports and Cultural Centre of College St -Jean-Vianney is open to players in the QRSL.CA league.
COME AND SEE THE ULTIMATE PARTY ON THE BIG SCREEN AND COME HAVE A DRINK OR EAT SOMETHING, THE BISTRO STAFF WILL BE HAPPY TO SERVE YOU. Pass the word around to everyone. If you have any questions or special orders, please contact Gennaro V. at 514-269-4606

L'equipe FC Internazionale (35+) a 2 matchs ce dimanche.

Players are responsible for verifying that their goals and assists are well entered with the referee and the game sheet.
This is to ensure that all stats are correct.

Team pictures will be taken of those teams who were not available last week.

All suspension fines for all teams must be paid

It's important that all captains print the player registration forms and they need to be filled out by every player in the team and submit it.

It is the captain's and player's responsibility to give their presence to the QRSL delegate before entering the field at all times.

Want to advertise on QRSL website? Call for more info.. Spots available.

For Questions please contact the QRSL Administration.

  02/01/2015 @ 17:00 Field: 1  
  JP Metal VS Acklands-Grainger  
  02/01/2015 @ 17:00 Field: 2  
  Toiture Expert VS FC Ultras  
  02/01/2015 @ 18:00 Field: 1  
  Bar J.O. VS Energie Cardio  
  02/01/2015 @ 18:00 Field: 2  
  Canadian Tire VS Prestige Worldwide  
  02/01/2015 @ 18:00 Field: 3  
  FC Universal VS AC Milan-B  
  02/01/2015 @ 19:00 Field: 1  
  JS Kabylie VS FC Internazionale  
  02/01/2015 @ 19:00 Field: 2  
  Pals United FC VS Saputo Rangers  
  02/01/2015 @ 19:00 Field: 3  
  Goodfellas VS Those Guys  
  02/01/2015 @ 20:00 Field: 1  
  Les Kebecois VS AL-Risalah  
  02/01/2015 @ 20:00 Field: 2  
  Gunners VS Cafe Riviera  
  02/01/2015 @ 20:00 Field: 3  
  C.D. FAS VS Boca Grande  
  02/01/2015 @ 21:00 Field: 1  
  SS Lazio VS FC Internazionale  
  02/01/2015 @ 21:00 Field: 2  
  FC Galaxy VS UF TD  
  02/01/2015 @ 21:00 Field: 3  
  FC Tilters VS FC Bleuets  
  02/01/2015 @ 22:00 Field: 1  
  F.C. Elite VS AC-Milan-A  
  02/01/2015 @ 22:00 Field: 2  
  Partisan de Montreal VS Montreality Kings  
Energie Cardio loses?!
Well this weekend started with an upset; two in fact! League leaders ENERGIE CARDIO picked up a very surprising loss to 7th place FC ULTRAS. Despite the 5 point gap they have atop the table, Energie might want to step it up a bit considering we are heading towards the playoffs. Perhaps the loss can be attributed to two important absences from Lapenna and De Vizio, but what does that say about their dependence on their two stars? We`ll see next week against CANADIAN TIRE who come off a disappointing loss against BAR J.O. Karen Campese produced t... [READ MORE]
FC BLEUETS Does it Again!
Remember when FC TILTERS sat at the top of the table early on this season? Teams like FC ELITE have ensured that retaining that title would not be so easy. These two battled it out to a 3-3 draw keeping them at status quo in 3rd and 4th respectively. Despite the competitiveness of this division, there is one team that has been consistently phenomenal: FC BLEUETS. They pulled off another routine win over GOODFELLAS. Kevin Santizo has been an utterly prolific goal scorer for the Blues helping them to countless wins, scoring a hat-trick in the lat... [READ MORE]
SS Lazio picking up steam!
After a rather slow start to the season, SS Lazio have found some inspiration and it is rewarding! Tallying up their 6th win of the season, they now sit in 5th place. This week, FC INTERNAZIONALE, a team who has also put in some very promising performances recently, were witnesses to Lazio`s hunger for the W in what proved to be an extremely exciting game. Up one place in the table, PALS UNITED FC have maintained a record season with another win, this time against AL-RISALAH. Gustavo Castro and Luca Zabatta produced a hat-trick and three assist... [READ MORE]
Another convincing win for FC EastEnders in the 45 +Division!
Mass VS FC Superstars:
In one of the most anticipated match ups between two top teams, MASS ran over FC Superstars 8 to 4. It looked like FC Superstars was going to give Mass a run for their money as they were winning 2 to 1. Both teams gave their hearts out in the first half and both teams were fighting for every position of the ball. I donít know what happen at half time but FC Superstars was not the same team. As they allowed 4 straight goals and Mass run away with the victory. It looked like FC Superstars has a hard ti... [READ MORE]
So close for the Road Runners!!!
Road Runners VS Tazmanian Devils :
This was a highly anticipated game as both team`s momentums is going in different directions. The Tasmanian Devils started the season like Devils and now it looks like the tone of the season is getting to them. As for the Road Runners their beginning of the season was horrible; they are still looking for their first win but they are improving every week. This game was not different, as both of them really worked their hearts out and left everything on the field. The action was tremendousl... [READ MORE]